"Such a simple, yet genius invention" - @majeline

"TRAVEL TIP! How comfy does this look? I bought the @fly_legsup Kids hammock for our long haul flight and was very excited to try it out. Unfortunately we couldn't use it on our 15 hour flight to Doha as we got seats at the wall - it needs to be attached to the table on the seat in front. It meant that Abby got a very restless night. She is not good at sleeping sitting up. At all! On our second flight it finally came into action and it worked wonders. Abby actually got a decent nap and it definitely saved our last leg of the trip. Such a simple, yet genius invention #flyingwithkids #longhaulwithkids #flylegsup #kidsonplanes #traveltip #ourdanishsummer2017"

- @majeline