"This made our Eurotrip such a breeze" - @the_healthy_journey, Etihad

"After 3 amazing weeks away in France we're back home. And it feels so good!!! Unpacked, 3 loads of washing down, stocked up at the @southmelbournemarket and I feel like my life is back in order. Maxy was an absolute dream on all our flights which I put down to his @fly_legsup bed. He slept for 9 out of the 12.5 hour flight home from Abu Dhabi then spent the rest of the time happily sitting watching movies and playing with his toys 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 This is not a sponsored post I just wanted to share the love as this made our Eurotrip such a breeze. I highly recommend buying one if you're travelling with kids 🙌🏻"

- @the_healthy_journey, flying Etihad