"Turn 2 economy plane seats in to 2 flat bed luxury seats!" - Suzanne

"Hi. I'm not sure if you remember me but I bought your Fly LegsUp for my 2 sons back in early 2016 and I'm super proud to be your third testimonial on your website and to see you still use Ben's photo as your cover picture regularly. I'm so glad your product is clearly doing so well!!
Anyway, my little boys are now 2 years older and I'm happy to say the Fly LegsUp are still saving us when we fly. I've lost count of the number of people I've recommended you to too!
We flew back to visit family in the UK recently and these were amazing. The legs ups managed to turn 2 economy plane seats in to 2 flat bed luxury seats! We put them up and my youngest lay legs straight out along the seats with his head on my lap and his elder brother pretty much lay flat out on the legs ups where the gap between the seats should have been! His head was on a pillow where otherwise there would have been a gap! They slept almost all of the flight and when they weren't asleep they were sat so comfortably with their legs out (and of course I was happy as I had my Fly LegsUp too!) We were the envy of a few families around us! :) I'll try to send you some photos but they were streched out so much it was hard to take a great shot!!
Anyway, thank you again. This really is the best product ever when flying with kids!
All the best!"

- Suzanne