"We all slept at least 10 hours!" - Tess, EVA Air

"Fly LegsUp is not just for children. My 14 year old 5'9" son, 3 tweens and I (5'7") used this fantastic product on EVA Air this July and August on a flight from HK to Vancouver. We all slept at least 10 hours! This is unheard of. The return flight proved that the first flight was no coincidence. Fly LegsUp raised no concerns from the flight attendants and the kids were able to assemble it themselves. I had an aisle seat and it was easy to remove my feet so others in my row could get up and move. The effectiveness of Fly LegsUp was not affected by passengers in the row in front reclining their chairs. Many thanks for this great product....highly recommended!"

- Tess, flying EVA Air